Kamto and his lawyers humiliate the constitutional council

Kamto and his lawyers humiliate the constitutional council
Kamto and his lawyers humiliate the constitutional council

Kamto and his lawyers humiliate the constitutional council

Kamto and his lawyers humiliate the constitutional council

Kamto and his lawyers humiliate the constitutional council

The constitutional council had a difficult day with Kamto’s team, a consortium of 18 senior lawyers whose leading figures such as Yondo Black, the former president of the Bar Akere Muna, are those around Maurice Kamto, himself an associate professor of law. The old members of the Council, chilled, cloistered in their robes of Judaism attorneys of the time of Jesus, with headgear of Yankee crests, and red-faced glances, listened to Maurice Kamto’s lawyers unfurl the cable of grievances to maliciously demonstrate that they were outlaws clumsily appointed by Paul Biya.

The entire staff of the Constitutional Council has been reviewed to prove the lack of impartiality and independence of the members as required by the Constitution and international laws. Thus, the lawyers of Maurice Kamto relied on the paragraph 1 of article 5 of the law n ° 2004-5 of April 21st, 2004, fixing the statute of the members of the Council, which stipulates that: ”The members of the Constitutional Council must refrain from anything that could compromise the independence and dignity of their functions?” Article 06 adds: “Each member of the Constitutional Council undertakes to respect the obligations provided for by this law in order to preserve the independence and dignity of its function”.

Clément Atangana, retired for ages, appointed President of the Constitutional Court, had been exorbitant in social networks, dancing as if he had just decayed in a cellar after the publication of the decree. The lawyers reminded him that his wife is Nyong MP of the CPDM IN Nyong and So’o. Can we sleep with the party in power every night on the same bed and keep the neutrality? More seriously, the president of the Constitutional Council has been named in a judicial file in the Minepat/Minefi Special Criminal Court. The so-called Constitutional Judge is on the same bench with those accused of financial crimes!

The case of Jean Foumane Akame is more stupefying. Not only was he the first legal adviser and minister of Paul Biya, but he called on the people to vote for candidate Biya in the pro-government daily Cameroon Tribune in May 2018. After the outbreak of the scandal, the newspaper made a retro pedal, pretending it was his apolitical wife who made a motion of support for Paul Biya’s candidacy. Again, we find a case of the illegality that lies with the legality on the same bed. Childbirth can only be a baby of partiality. In addition, Foumane Akame has never resigned from his PCA position at the University of Yaounde 1 and holds public office in the Francophonie, while the article of his oath forbids it.

In addition, the members of the Constitutional Council are affiliated or maintain positions of transversality with the party in power. This is the case of Emmanuel Bondé, who is a member of the political bureau, and a full member of the CPDM central committee since 2011. Jean-Baptiste Baskouda and Ahmadou Tidjani have been appointed members of the Central Committee of Paul Biya’s party since 2011. However, Article 5 of the 2004 Act prohibits members of the Council from occupying any position of responsibility or direction within a party or political party, a partisan or trade union association and, more generally, to reveal in any way their political or trade union membership?

The case gets even more interesting…

While being a champion of the CPDM, Joseph Bipoun Woum wraps himself in the comfortable chair of the House of Conciliation and Arbitration of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon (CNOSC), while it is forbidden to a member of Council to plead or to participate in an arbitration?

”No one is above the law?” Reiterated the lawyers of Maurice Kamto to challenge the composition and the choice of the members of this Constitutional Council cut to size, and who is in the position of judge and party by acquaintances of near and far. Maurice Kamto deepened the nail by throwing them over his head: ”the person who appointed you is a candidate in the presidential election.”

Frustrated looks! Faces in folds, the old members of the Constitutional Council suspend the hearing, withdrew with claudicant steps. When they returned with their strange liturgy written in advance, they sank into their narrow-mindedness by cutting off: ”Maurice Kamto does not have the capacity to ask the Constitutional Council to reject the composition of its members.”

Broadcast live, despite the CRTV’s cuts, this audience has just allowed the world to see the baseness of Biya’s criminogenic regime, which uses the transgression of law, partiality, as its real sport inspired by the black stripes of Antic Rome. As Victor Hugo said: ”Scratch the judge, you will you find the executioner.”


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